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What is SAP HANA Database

What is SAP HANA Database

In 2008, SAP CTO Vishal Sikka wrote about HANA “…our teams working together with the Hasso Plattner Institute and  Stanford University demonstrated how a new application architecture is possible, one that enables real-time complex analytic s and aggregation, up to date with every transaction, in a way never thought possible in financial applications”. In 2009 a development initiative was launched at SAP to integrate the three technologies above to provide a more comprehensive feature set. The resulting product was named internally and externally as New Db until the change to HANA DB was finalized in 2011.

SAP HANA is not SAP’s first in-memory product. Business Warehouse Accelerator ( BWA, formerly termed BIA) was designed to accelerate queries by storing BW info-cubes in memory. This was followed in 2009 by Explorer Accelerated where SAP combined the Explorer BI tool with BWA as a tool for performing ad-hoc analyses. Other SAP products using in-memory technology were CRM SegmentationBy Design (for analytic s) and Enterprise Search (for role based search on structured and unstructured data). All of these were based on the TREX engine.

The persistently increasing quantity of data from different sources is a great opportunity but also a challenge at the same time. “Big data” is a profound base for enlightening analysis, but often causes unacceptable response times. The innovative real-time database platform SAP HANA helps to overcome such hurdles. Huge amounts of real-time data can be processed in the main memory of a server, thus dramatically accelerating data access for analysis, reporting and simulations. From the business point of view this enables faster decisions based on in-depth data analysis.

To leverage advantages of in-memory technology Fujitsu and SAP co-innovate on the SAP HANA. Fujitsu ensures optimized infrastructure and comprehensive service offerings. Our SAP-certified Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA is based on industry standard PRIMARY servers and NetApp FAS 3240 storage. The portfolio ranges from cost efficient single node entry offerings to multi node environments which can currently scale up to 16 TB main memory matching mission critical readiness with low total cost of ownership.

For customers who want to become familiar with SAP HANA and map it to their requirements Fujitsu provides demo sessions, proof of value options (on premise and hosted) and SAP HANA playgrounds pre-loaded with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. Services ranging from database assessment, optimization and migration via SAP Net-Weaver BW 7.3 upgrade up to financing solutions (0%) complete the Fujitsu offering for smooth SAP HANA projects.

Small and mid-size companies also face “Big Data” issues. Fortunately real-time data access has now come into their reach. The new offerings SAP Business One Analytic s, powered by SAP HANA and SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA are delivered pre-installed on Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX300 or PRIMERGY servers. This ready to connect Fujitsu Compact Appliance for SAP HANA allows small companies instant insight and accelerated decision making.